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             What is Freestyle.Fighting.Fitness?

Freestyle.Fighting.Fitness is a uniquely designed program that will
improve your Health, Mind, Body, and Spirit.
This program is designed to make you feel good about yourself and to bring out the very best in you.
Following this program will improve your Posture, Balance and Coordination while raising your energy level.  Your Focus, Concentration and Flexibility will be outstanding. You will learn how to use Proper boxing techniques,  Speed Bag,  Heavy Bag, Jump Rope, and Double N Bag.

Our focus is to make sure you Lose Weight, Tone your body and Relieve  stress,  and much more


We Offer

Muay Thai Kickboxing 
Chi Kung
Self Defense

"It's time to take out  the negative

                                 and focus on the positive!"



                                   93 - 02 Linden BLVD
                         Ozone park N.Y. 11417
                               (718) 496-1154


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                    Freestyle Fighting Fitness
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                               It's more than just a gym








































































































































































































































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